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Sit N Charge USB phone chargers provide charging solutions for your casino, bar or restaurant.

We provide low voltage phone charging systems that are inexpensive.  These systems do not need costly licensing permits or an electrician to install. Our DC powered USB  systems install on table games, slot machines, under bars, and much more.  Using our charging equipment eliminates your customers’ exposure to AC voltage sockets.  We reduce the risk of an AC electric shock to your customers.

Our systems are built with very high grade components.  The cables we provide have higher gauge power wires for the new increased charging speeds of today.  In addition, our charging boxes have fused overload protection and come with a two year replacement warranty.



In 2013 we set out to provide cell phone charging systems to businesses that service the public, such as casinos, bars, and other public venues.  We developed the USB Smart Puck that could be installed under most tables and bars, and have continued to improve that product into the LED Smart puck that we sell today.

Our charging adapters have also evolved to include the latest QC3 fast charging systems with our 108 watt 6 port charger box.  We have also created the first ever “Lock Tight” system for USB cables that lock into the chargers, so now cables no longer wiggle loose disabling a usb port.  Our systems have mounting holes designed into the case so the equipment can be firmly attached to a surface with screws and not straps.  Our charger power cords are built into the circuit board and not a plug in that can fall out.

We continue to lead the industry with unique commercial grade USB charging designs.  As charging demands evolve, so will our products.  And, if any of our chargers fail to provide a charge due to manufacturer defect or failure, we will replace them for up to two years.  That is our guaranty.

Thank you!

John and Dave


John B. Hefty

Dave Redden


Industry Leader

We lead the industry with our commercial design innovations.


We have high quality products that have been proven to work over time.


We focus on the security aspects.

  • No electric shocks
  • No data hacking
  • No difficult installations

Charging Needs

Specialized charging systems.

  • For Casinos
  • For Restaurants
  • For Hotels
  • For Bars
  • For Airports




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SitnCharge Phone Charging Systems for Bars and Casinos
SitNCharge Phone Charging Systems for Bars and Casinos