Stingray II LED Smart Surface Mount USB


Stingray II LED surface mount USB, has 3M peel and stick liner, sticks to bar top.  Drill hole and insert cable down through top.  This USB can also be mounted under the bar.  Choice of 3 foot or 6 foot extension cable with unit. Has USB A and USB C ports

Cable length

The new USB cell phone charging station is now available on table tops in slot play areas, bars, and other customer-facing surfaces. 

This product boasts all the latest features, including LED-lit ports for easy visibility, compatibility with all USB charging devices (including Samsung tablets), and a built-in Magic Adapter that increases charging speed and eliminates data lines for added security. 

The Stingray charging station has a separate cable for easy servicing and eliminates the liability of exposing customers to 110v outlets. Instead, mobile devices are safely charged using only a harmless 5v charge, similar to a flashlight. 

The charging station mounts easily with 3M VHB included. 

Casinos and hotels can call for pricing on orders of 1k or more.

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