QC3 Deluxe Poker Table USB 60 Watt Charging Kit Complete w/Smart Pucks


Deluxe Poker Table USB Charging Kit Complete with two 60 watt QC3 chargers, 10 LED USB Pucks and cables, and all mounting hardware.


One complete USB charging system for a 10 seat poker table.  Includes 10 single USB Smarty Pucks with 3 foot cables, two USB charging bases and two power cords.  Comes with manual and mounting screws.  

The Sit N Charge Deluxe Bar Charging Kit includes our newest modular Smart Pucks. These pucks accomplish several things.

-They have LED lit ports (see bottom of picture) so they promote themselves and make it easier for your customers to see and use the new service you provide.

- The built in Magic Adapter increases the charging rate and eliminates Data lines. Your customers do not have to worry about juice jacking and their information being compromised.

- This Kit has pucks with separate cables. This makes it easy to service. You can easily replace or change just the puck.

- They eliminate the liability you would have from putting 110v outlets accessible by  customers.  You only expose your customers to a harmless 5v (same as a flashlight).