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Smart Puck II Baccarat Blackjack 6 Seat, Pai Gow, Single Deck with Base and 6 Pucks Plus Hardware


Smart Puck II Poker Table Charging Kit with (2) 108-watt QC3 chargers and (10) pucks with USB A/B and USB C ports for new iPhones. We replaced the new Smart Puck II LED with a USB C port. Ports are accented with blue over the mold to designate phone charging. 

One complete charging system for a 10-seat poker table. Includes ten single QC3-compliant USB Smart Puck IIs with 3-foot extension cables, two QC3 6 port charging bases, and already attached 10-foot power cords. Comes with manual and mounting screws.  

The Sit N Charge Smart Puck II Poker Table Charging Kit includes our newest modular pucks and "Lock Tight" cables. 

This Kit comes with (2) 108W QC3 chargers, which have 100% full charging capacity per 6 separate channels (USB) and eliminate power loss when other devices are plugged into the system. Older chargers share power, which slows down the charger. Sit N Chargers do not share. Other chargers are 35 watts total, while Sit N Charge chargers are 108 watts.
-The pucks have USB A/B and USB C ports with blue over mold, so they promote themselves and make it easier for your customers to see and use your new service.
The ports on the Chargers are the new "Lock-Tight" USB slots. Cables will not fall out, even when your dealers pound the drop boxes on the tables. There will be no service calls for unplugged cables!

This Kit has modular pucks with separate cables. The puck and the cable are detachable, making it easy to service. You can easily replace or change just the puck without stripping out the installed cable.

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