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Premium Bar QC3 Charging Kit with LED Smart Pucks


The Deluxe Under-mount Bar Charging Kit with LED Smart Puck IIs is the ultimate solution for bars and businesses looking to provide convenient charging options for their customers. This kit includes a powerful 108W QC3 charger with six separate channels, ensuring each device receives 100% full charging capacity without any power loss. The kit also includes 6 LED Smart Puck IIs with 6-foot extension cables, making it easy for customers to see and use the charging ports. 

The Smart Puck IIs feature "Lock Tight" USB slots, ensuring cables will not fall out even with heavy use. The modular design of the pucks and cables makes it easy to service and replace individual components without stripping out the entire installed cable. The kit is 100% compatible with all USB charging devices, including Samsung tablets, and comes with retractable charging cables for Apple, Android, and Type C devices.

Installation is easy with the included mounting screws, cable clamps, and 10-foot power cord. The kit covers 12 feet of bar space, making it perfect for businesses with multiple seating areas. If you have any questions or need a customized charging solution for your business, call 702-478-0007 for assistance.

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