Bar Cell phone chargers
Bar Cell phone chargers

USB Phone Chargers for Bars and Casinos

SitNCharge offers QC3 bar charging solutions for cell phones using Micro USB cables, Apple(TM) cables, and Type C cables. Our under bar USB phone charging stations provide easy access to charge your customers’ smart phones. These FAST USB phone chargers are a great asset for casinos, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, coffee shops, bookstores, pizza places, billiard rooms, card game rooms, etc., where your customers or visitors need their cell phones.

USB Cell Phone Chargers for Business


USB Phone Chargers


Sit N Charge is an innovative cell phone charging system that uses small, easy to install USB charging pucks that can be installed just about anywhere. Our proprietary USB pucks charge 100% of all cell phones. LED lit ports catch your customers attention. Don’t make your customers leave their phones at a charging locker. Keep the cell phones where they belong… in the customer’s hand! Choose Sit N Charge cell phone charging solutions!

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USB Phone Chargers


Sit N Charge USB cell phone charging hub system has become the gold standard in the casino industry that has expanded into other markets. Our USB cell phone chargers are now available for casinos, bars, restaurants, slot machines and more! It is an innovative USB cell phone charging system that is easy to use and install. This versatile cell phone charging system can be installed anywhere USB charging stations are needed.

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USB Phone Chargers

Sit N Charge USB cell phone chargers are powered by DC volts between 5 and 12 Volts.  The Sit N Charge smart cell phone charging plucks allow the smart phones to talk to the chargers and pull the power they need.  We now have FAST USB CHARGING options available as a first choice or as an upgrade for your customers using the newer and larger iPhone, Samsung, Sony phones.  Our transformers don’t connect to any computers so they are completely DATA SAFE. Your data is not even read with our cell phone chargers.  Your customer´s data will never leave their cell phone.

Multiple Placements

SitNCharge Multiple Locations

Cell Phone Chargers

Our cell phone chargers can be located in almost any place you can think of.
We can study your location to secure the best placement for our USB cell phone charging systems.

Innovative Solutions


Cell Phone Chargers
for BARS

With our different USB charging products, we can handle the widest variety of devices.
Our USB cell phone charging technology is adaptable to your needs.

Customer Efficient

SitNCharge Customers

Cell Phone Chargers

Your customers will appreciate finding an easy and safe place to charge their cell phones. Our devices are easily located, so your customers can see them right away.

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USB phone charging devices

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SitNCharge provides you with the USB CHARGERS for your Bar or Casino.  We have modular equipment that lets you customize your bar or casino tables, so your customers can charge their phones at your location.  Our charging equipment is proven in thousands of locations all over the world.  We keep on improving our products, so we keep up with new developments, so your customers can be assured that their phones charge using the most effective technologies.

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At SitNCharge L.L.C. we continue to lead the industry with unique commercial grade USB charging equipment. As cell phone charging demands evolve, so will our products. And, if any of our chargers fail to provide a charge due to manufacturer defect or failure, we will replace them for up to two years. That is our guaranty.

SitnCharge L.L.C is your partner for current USB Charging technology your your bar or casino. We also supply charging products for game table manufacturers.

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